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How to make group video calls on WhatsApp?

by Alex Musk
How to make group video calls on WhatsApp?

Do you have distant friends and relatives? Do you want to virtually reunite your family? Here’s how to make group video calls on WhatsApp.

From existing groups or the calls menu. We explain all the steps on how to make group video calls on WhatsApp.

Group video calls on Whatsapp

Gathering a family or a group of friends, at a time when everyone is very far away, is one of the great advantages of living at this age.

You can organize family reunions remotely, even just using a popular tool like WhatsApp

First of all, you must know that group calls on WhatsApp are possible up to a maximum of 4 participants at a time. This means that you and three other people can be on the call.

Then make sure your connection is stable, to support voice and video for clear and smooth conversations.

We also recommend that you agree with the other people you intend to call, a time suitable for everyone. Considering any time zones for those who live very far away, or baby food and sleep for the little ones, so you can see everyone.

That said, with WhatsApp you have two options. Let’s see them.

Video calls on existing WhatsApp groups

If you already have a group “family”, “brothers”, “football friends” etc., here are the instructions to activate a group video call:

  • join the group as you usually do when you want to write something;
  • touch the call symbol;
  • select the members of the group to call;
  • tap the video call camera.

Group video calls from the Calls tab

If you already have a group that you use a lot for chat and communication, you can proceed as described above. If you want to call a group of people you don’t share a chat with policy number, you can proceed with a single group video call starting from the Calls tab.

Here are the steps:

  • switch from chat to the Calls tab;
  • Click on the handset symbol;
  • Click on “new group call”;
  • select the contacts you want to involve in the call.

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