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How to Create a Gaming Logo in DesignEvo?

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In the world of games, it is important that make your logos look great. The logos represent the games they illustrate. This is why this task is allocated to graphic designers. But, what are the steps to follow to create a gaming logo worthy of a video game if you are not a designer? DesignEvo – Discover them in this article.

Is your brain full of ideas for logo designs of games? Turn them into reality and make your team better. First, the gaming logo should be easy to remember and recognizable at first glance if you want your players to recognize your game. 

DesignEvo free logo maker enables you to create custom logos in minutes. No design experience is needed. Create a fantastic logo that you will love. It’s easy and free. Then let’s see the simple steps. 

Step 1. Choose a gaming logo template

To start with, go to its website and register an account under DesignEvo if you don’t have one already. Keep in mind that it’s free and quick. After that, you can make things constant and save your logo designs to use unlimited times as you’d like.

Then, you will click the “Make a Free Logo” button to see the many kinds of templates that DesignEvo offers. Go through down each category and choose a template. Or just search “gaming” in the search box, and you will find many gaming logo templates. Pick one to add personal touches. 

Step 2. Personalized your gaming logo

It’s time to make adjustments to everything in the design, like the colors, icons, fonts, size, etc. This is the fun part- personalizing your logo! Pick your fonts, text, size, colors, shapes, etc. that present your brand best. I chose to create a fun knight gaming logo for this example.

Step 3. Download the gaming logo

Before exporting your gaming logo, click the Preview button to see how it will look on your website channel. Once you think it looks great, then click the Download button in the upper right corner of the tool to export it to your personal computer or drive. You can choose the logo style you’d love to save it as. (i.e., PNG, JPEG, PDF, etc.)

And there you go! You now have your expert, personalized logo within less than 5 minutes. You can also save the gaming logo to your account as a project file for lat editing. I hope you feel this tutorial useful and feel ready to make your own gaming logo in DesignEvo. 


Obviously, you might need to return to your logo over time since your business covers as many brands do. When you are at a stage where you are ready to invest a little more in your marking, you can generally decide to hire a visual designer to make a new logo if you like. Surely, you can still also make it your own using DesignEvo

Want to make a gaming logo for free? Fortunately enough for you, DesignEvo has exactly what you really wanted. Creating logos for gamers has consistently been an overwhelming assignment since we gamers love appealing-looking logos. Try DesignEvo free gaming logo maker now.

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