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10 Best Wishbone Chairs for Your Scandinavian Home

by Zaid md

Looking for the perfect chair for your Scandinavian interior? The Wishbone Chair also known as CH24 Chair originally by Danish designer Hans Wegner is a Scandi style classic with its combination of functionality and simplicity.

Designed by Wegner in 1949, the Wishbone Chair has since become a common association with the Scandinavian style with its sleek organic lines and practical design. It has evolved into various models from its first production, with new finishing, sizing, accessory covers, and color options; but retaining the main characteristics of the Wishbone Chair with its tapered legs, paper cord seat, bentwood armrest, and of course, the Y-shaped back support where it got the name Wishbone. 

If you’re having a hard time choosing the best Wishbone Chair for your space, we’ve narrowed it down for you. Here are the Top 10 best Wishbone Chairs from classic to contemporary that you can choose from for your Scandinavian home.

1. Light Wood Wishbone Chair

The version of the Light Wood Wishbone Chair is a classic that you can easily incorporate into your home for that Scandinavian chic look. Both Ash and Soaped Oak are light wood although the former is lighter in colour, while the latter produces a dusty white-pigmented finish. Beechwood is another good option with its fine grain and slight orange to salmon tone. With the lighter colours, it’s easy to mix and match with your other decor. Use this as a dining chair paired with a darker table or as a living room stand-alone chair draped with a thick blanket along with a neutral-toned sofa, and you’ve got the look. 

2. Dark Wood Wishbone Chair

Another classic style of the Wishbone Chair is the dark wood finish. Best to add to your Scandinavian interior for a slight pop of dark colour. The dark wood Wishbone Chair would look best paired with white decor and furniture but would look perfect as well with neutral colours. Mix the light wood and dark wood as dining chairs for a more contemporary look. Use it as a living room chair, a bedroom chair, or whichever corner you desire to have occupied. It’s functional but works as a decoration piece as well.

3. White Wishbone Chair

For a more contemporary and minimalist Scandinavian look for your home, the white Wishbone Chair is the best pick. It brings about beautiful beach house vibes especially if you have light wood flooring on your interior. If you are for the minimalist movement with just the bare minimum furniture at home, this chair is the perfect addition to your interior for a pop of something sleek and interesting. If your space comes with house plants, and thick rich rugs, you can definitely rock the cottage core look with the white Wishbone Chair.

4. All Black Wishbone Chair

The all-black Wishbone Chair with black cord and finishing screams modern but can definitely work for the Scandinavian style as well. It’s the perfect accent to your space especially if most of the furniture in your home has a wooden finish. A pop of something different, but still neutral enough to retain the simplicity and minimalism in a Scandinavian interior. This chair would look best in white-painted walls but would look perfect with any neutral colour as well for that contemporary Scandinavian interior. 

5. Colourful Wishbone Chair

Colourful Wishbone Chairs like the all-black Wishbone chair are more modern than classic, so if you’re going for more contemporary aesthetics then the lacquered options are perfect for you. Although Scandinavian is more commonly associated with light, neutral colours, a colourful chair or two will make the look more interesting and modern. A bright yellow, a pop of orange or a hint of red combined with your neutral decor, wall and flooring is a creative way to give more life to your space. The colours will look good mixed and matched with the dark wood or black versions of the Wishbone Chair as well.

6. Light Wood Wishbone Bar Stool

The classic light wood of the barstool version of the Wishbone Chair will look perfect on any kitchen countertop. It’s neutral enough to be able to easily incorporate into any colour and theme in your home. The light wood works best with white counters for an enhanced Scandinavian look. Light colours will work as well with the light wood Wishbone Barstool. Although commonly used as a kitchen chair, you can get creative with your use of the barstool and use it as an accent piece to hold towels or clothing. A beautiful piece such as this is not resigned to its functional use as a piece of sitting equipment.

7. Dark Wood Wishbone Bar Stool

Like the regular Wishbone Chair, the barstool version in dark wood wishbone adds an interesting hint of colour to your space without making it too colourful. You can mix it with the light wood Wishbone bar stool for a more interesting look to your Scandinavian styled kitchen. The dark wood looks best with white decor and neutral colours. 

8. White Wishbone Bar Stool

The white Wishbone Barstool is clean and minimalist that works best with wooden panes in your interior. Dark marble or dark wooden countertops are ideal for the white Wishbone Chair. Incorporating this into your space will give your home a minimalistic and contemporary Scandinavian look. White is a neutral colour so it’s easier to mix and match with your existing decor and furniture. You can even mix the white Wishbone Chair with the dark wood or light wood Wishbone Chair to add a unique touch to your kitchen.

9. Colourful Wishbone Bar Stool

You might think that the colourful Wishbone barstool looks like something that belongs more in an establishment than in your home, but actually, the yellows, purples and oranges can be wonderful additions to your space. As long as you keep the rest of your decor and interior colours in neutral or white, then a pop of a colourful barstool or two will enhance the Scandinavian aesthetics you’re going for rather than ruin it. Don’t limit your choices to neutrals. As long as you know the right balance, vibrant colours are a big yes. You can even mix and match the different colours of these lacquered chairs to add more uniqueness to your space.

10. Wishbone Chair with Cushion Accent

The paper cord seat of the Wishbone Chair with Cushion Accent is definitely one of its defining characters. But the downside is that the material comes in limited colours, so if you want more options that best fit your interior decor, then the cushion accent is for you. It’s also best if your home is prone to food or drink spillage, as the leather material makes it easier to clean and maintain. The cushion also provides additional comfort, so it’s not only a decoration piece but a functional one as well. 


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