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Where To Buy The Computer Gadgets In 2022

by gerryywilson

Online trading becomes the norm, whether you want to buy fashion items or any consumer electronics. Due to coronavirus, when people are stuck in their homes and the whole trading journey through offline stores is stopped. So, they show attention to online trading through online B2B platforms.

In past years, the revenue of the B2C market is higher than B2B. But, after this pandemic, the boom in online trading through B2B eCommerce platforms has been noticed. You all know that during lockdown public places, social gatherings, offices, and schools are closed. And, individuals are allowed to do work from home that’s become the main reason to buy computers and their integral parts such as motherboards, Bluetooth headsets, wireless mouse and keyboard, etc.

If you are looking for sites to buy computer gadgets in bulk quantities at cost-effective rates, then read this blog.

7 Best eCommerce Platforms To Buy Motherboards

The B2B eCommerce is the incredible frontier of eCommerce. The experts estimated the value of B2B eCommerce market is increasing, which is six times greater than the B2C. So, here is the from where you can buy computer gadgets quickly.

1.      eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is one of the highly reputable eCommerce platforms that offer qualitative products at reasonable rates. This site was founded in China with the aim to bring reputable and authentic merchants from all over the world. eWorldTrade is a well-known hub for having top brands and professional manufacturers. They develop a user-friendly and mobile-friendly website that has millions of products related to consumer electronics, computer hardware tools, personal care, household appliances, etc. Suppose you are looking for a scrap motherboard for sale, on eWorldtrade, you approach the best suppliers to buy the best quality products from all over the world.

2.      Amazon

Amazon is specially designed for B2B transactions between wholesalers and retailers. If you want to sign up on this platform, it does not require any fees as compared to other platforms. Amazon also positioned itself among the leading eCommerce sites. Moreover, this platform is continuously extending its services and helping the traders in increasing their customer base.

3.      eBay

Do you want to buy the most reliable platform to buy the best laptop & computer gadgets? Then, eBay is also the popular name in B2B eCommerce platforms. You have to know that eBay marked a prominent name under the top eCommerce site. It offers amazing computer gadgets and hardware tools at effective rates; this platform becomes the attention of several buyers. This is also a user-friendly and interactive site to engage the readers easily.

4.      Alibaba

Alibaba is also the business-to-business website that was established in 1999 by Pend Lei and Jack Ma. This market becomes the world’s largest marketplace for providing the best quality wholesale products. Alibaba offers a highly sophisticated approach for buyers and sellers. This platform is also popular as a Chinese firm to sell a product. This site has 8 million active users from all over the world. The users of Alibaba can access a number of services that include online fund transfer, digital shopping, mobile commerce, etc.

5.      DH gate

Have you ever seen the small hub to find multiple electronic products and other consumer goods and all at cost-effective prices? So, DH gate allows you to buy products easily. They shipped the products to more than 200 counties in the entire world. Like many other B2B platforms, DH gate is also the award-winning B2B platform. One of the best things about this eCommerce site is it has the perfect business monitoring system that keeps track of the orders and ensures that each product must deliver on time.

6.      Global Sources

Global Sources becomes the most dominating eCommerce platform around the world. The reason for gaining popularity is this platform is so incredibly easy to use and effective. Whether you are operating a mid-sized business or a small one, it gives the right eCommerce solution to operate your business easily. However, Global Sources also has huge number of plugins that add more value in improving the sales functionality.

7.      Made in China

Made in China is the top B2B eCommerce platform and it is leading as the best site built with cloud storage. This platform also has a PCI system to make sure to keep your information safe. Made in China offers wide-ranging solutions with outstanding designs and features. This platform also has API integration for third parties to provide you with a convenient and easy inventory management. The user interface of this site is customized to give a user-friendly experience.

To wrap the things up

The B2B platforms have verified themselves as effective and result-oriented platforms for merchants, buyers, wholesalers, etc. Many businesses are looking for the top B2B marketplaces to increase their global audience.

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