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Corporate Videos And Institutional Films

by Alex Musk
improve the visibility of your videos on YouTube

Do you want to make your company known in all its facets?

corporate video is a right way to tell any company’s reality , presenting its values ​​and mission.

The goal of an institutional film?

Enhance and generate interest around the brand , thus building a relationship with the public based on shared values.

In this article we will see why it is worth investing in the creation of Recruiting videos for companies.

What is a corporate corporate video?

An institutional corporate video is a video whose contents focus on the company, its culture and philosophy, and obviously on its employees.

For this reason too, corporate videos for companies are in fact defined as “recruiting videos”.

Their use is varied: they can be used internally for training purposes but also to recruit new human resources. 

This is why they are perfect to be posted on the company website and on the related social pages , but also on the occasion of and twenty and fairs where you want to make the brand and its products known to potential partners and / or investors. 

For example, the famous Airbn portal has created an institutional video that perfectly summarizes the philosophy of the brand, linked to a way of traveling in which it is possible to get in touch with people and rediscover a sense of belonging.

Corporate video production service

Corporate videos are one of the content  with the highest rate of views, interactions and conversions. Trust Post Tube for the creation of your next corporate video!

Here are the most common uses of this type of video:

  • Staff training videos;
  • Security Videos;
  • Investor and shareholder relations videos;
  • Corporate strategy overview video;
  • Explanatory videos of products or services.

Features of a good corporate video:

Unlike a corporate video to sell products and / or services, an institutional film therefore has completely different objectives.

While the first type, as we have said, is made specifically to ensure that users buy the brand’s services, the second is a useful resource to show the world what is there – especially who is there, behind the products and / or services of the same brand.

Clearly these two types of videos are complementary, but it is good to know the differences when you decide to contact professionals to invest in an institutional video for companies.

Here are some features that cannot be missing in a corporate corporate video:

  • Focus on the credibility of the brand , emphasizing its history and that of the employees who work within the company;
  • Give the same information that can be read on a website but in a more engaging and rapid way, so as not to bore the user;
  • Show the human side of the company by showing the faces of the employees;
  • Connect emotionally with viewers.

These characteristics can be exploited in different ways based on the type of information that the brand wants to convey, but it is often the emotional component that makes the difference.

So much so that, in recent years, more and more large international companies and SMEs choose to “put their face” by showing the faces of those who contribute to making the brand important. 

This is the case, for example, of Honda which has made a corporate film for Honda India in which the user is accompanied inside the company.

By doing this, it is possible to discover closely the faces of the people who strive day after day to meet the wishes of customers, making the Japanese brand reliable even in that country.

Another approach is the one used by American Express, which in 2016 made a corporate video that focuses more on the brand’s services. 

Made with the technique of animation, the goal of this video is in fact to provide the viewer with specific information. 

It is no coincidence that we opted for a minimal style which, thanks also to the bright colors, captures the viewer’s attention by explaining in less than a minute what is possible to do with an American Express.

Advantages of an institutional video

So why is it so important to invest in corporate corporate video?

Commissioning a product of this type is equivalent to an investment which, if well done, can give interesting results in the long term.

A good institutional film is a perfect tool to accompany any aspect concerning the brand : from the explication of services to the consolidation of the corporate image. 

As we have already said , immediacy , typical of the video communication medium, plays a very important role in involving the public by giving useful information in a short time , perhaps also establishing an emotional connection by making an institutional emotional video.

To make a video of this type work , do not improvise yourself as a videomaker: a corporate film can do a lot of harm in terms of credibility and image.

This is why, if you want to reap all the precious advantages of this tool, it is advisable to always contact a team of professionals who will be able to suggest the solution that best suits your business need from time to time.

Here are two important benefits you can get from an institutional corporate video.

# 1 Staff training

You have organized a massive recruiting campaign, interviewed and are now preparing to organize educational events, or you are an education institution interested in attracting new students.

Well, know that surely the new resources have applied to work for you or to study at the institute because they appreciate your brand but you have to be the one to tell them in the best way.

In this sense, a corporate corporate video can be a tool capable of making a real difference to understand what it means to work or study within your company.

For this reason, many realities, such as ECBM, choose to show or interview their former students precisely to create an emotional connection and return a feeling of credibility.

By showing such a video to potential new students you will make them understand that you are welcoming them into a reality that gives great value to the sense of belonging , also and above all in education.

# 2 Investor partners

Why should a partner invest in your brand?

Here, a corporate corporate video is the best way to explain it to him.

A bit like Coca-Cola did with a beautiful institutional video illustrating its content strategy for 2020.

Formed by 9 chapters, the video illustrates the future of the brand by talking about Coca-Cola’s constant search to provide creative content, but also about the commitment to help people and the responsibility to have an influence in popular culture.

How to make a corporate corporate video:

There are many different approaches through which an institutional film can be made. 

A video can in fact be fun, emotional, exclusively informative, but also viral.

However , it is essential that this is in line with the brand image.

You cannot afford to be inconsistent because that would greatly affect both what you want to say to the public and the image you return.

This is why, as we have already said, a consultation with professionals can help to find the most suitable narrative style.

# 1 Think about the message

The approach to choose depends very much on your brand and the type of message you intend to launch: often this requires a preliminary study, but also common sense.

If your company is a tour operator, choosing to make a video with the CGI animation technique could be the wrong choice , because the public expects to see exotic places or capitals of the world as shown in the ITC Travel corporate video. Group.

# 2 Choose your audience

When making an institutional video it is important to keep in mind who we want to address so as to never lose focus.

To tell about your brand and illustrate your services it is necessary to always remain unique in what we say, but above all not to forget who we want to communicate with.

This will help to choose the right language and the best ways to grab the attention of the audience , as we can see in this video from HubSpot.

How much does a corporate corporate video cost?

So have you decided to invest in making a movie for your company?

The first thing you need to know is that there is no fixed price : the final cost will depend on the type of product and the processing, both during filming and in post-production.

Our advice is to allocate a company budget to this investment and then turn to professionals who will be able to suggest the solution that is best for you. 

As we have already said, a video for your company is an investment, so relying on experts in the sector is a guarantee of reliability and a successful job.

If you are thinking of commissioning an institutional video for your company, do not hesitate to contact us .

The Post Tube team is constantly updated on all the news in the sector and is at your complete disposal to answer any questions and requests, as well as for free and no-obligation estimates.

Examples and ideas of institutional films

In the course of this article we have already given you several examples to make you understand more concretely what it means to invest in institutional videos for companies. 

However, we want to collect other ideas that we think are interesting and useful as a starting point.


In 2014 Microsoft released this short institutional video whose goal was to illustrate its Cloud.

Linear but captivating, this video demonstrates that with simple animated video it is possible to give a lot of information in no time.


The famous Swiss company Lindt made this animated institutional video in 2019 that accompanies the viewer inside the company by leveraging the magic that derives from the processing of chocolate.

A cutting-edge corporate film, to make the public understand where and how the company’s products are born.

Aermec Spa

Released in 2020, this Aermec Spa video shows the viewer the face of the company by leveraging the services and credibility of the brand, known for offering cutting-edge and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Institutional video production for companies

In conclusion , corporate institutional videos are a different but complementary tool compared to those designed specifically for the sale of services and / or products. 

Made like real business cards, they aim to make the brand and its policies, services and products known for training purposes or for investments by third parties.

It is no coincidence that these videos often find their use during company training courses , perhaps after hiring new resources, but also during events, meetings and conferences for the presentation of the brand and its products.

Corporate institutional videos, as we have seen, can be made in different styles, the important thing is that consistency is always maintained with what you want to communicate to the user and the image of the brand itself.

In light of this, the corporate film for companies represents an interesting investment to grow or consolidate one’s brand in an era increasingly marked by digital communication.

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