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10 Animated Ways to Make Your Marketing Message Extra-Catchy

by gerryywilson

If done correctly, the right animated video can turn an organization’s marketing message into a viral sensation. But what makes one video more memorable than another? What makes it go “viral” and gain mountains of exposure and positive attention for your company or product?

We’ve rounded up some examples of highly successful animated videos to get you started in your quest for marketing greatness. Check out these 10 great ways to make your next campaign spectacularly memorable.

1) Emotional Connection

The right animation is rooted in emotion. That’s always the first step when creating an animated video that connects with viewers on multiple levels. You want them to feel happy, sad…or at least something! Get really specific about the feeling you want to evoke in your audience, and you can’t go wrong.

2) They’re Authentic

Every one of the examples here was created for a specific product or business. Of course, it takes money to do this sort of thing. But if you don’t have the budget to use animation, try going ahead with a storyboard even if it’s just for a home video. Spend time making sure every aspect is as authentic as possible – from characters, props and voiceover work to music selection and editing. It will really pay off!

3) They Get Straight To The Point

The best animated stories are able to tell their essential story within 30 seconds. If it doesn’t grab people by then, they’ll leave and forget about your brand. Make sure you’re telling the story that’s most important to you, and get rid of anything that doesn’t really need to be there.

4) They’re Interactive

The best animated videos are able to inspire actions or reactions in viewers after they’ve finished watching. Try giving them an easy way to share their favorite scenes on social media – this is an extremely effective way to boost your campaign’s virality.

5) They Stick With A Theme

When it comes right down to it, every fantastic animated video sticks with one central theme or idea throughout its entire plotline. This isn’t always possible for every marketing message – but if you can do it, then go for it! The more tightly focused your story, the more effective it will be.

6) They’re Consistent

Brands that have strong identities try to maintain that identity in everything they do – including their video content. Think about how you can present certain characters or designs or narrative concepts throughout your entire campaign. These elements can act as visual cues for viewers who are re-watching the videos later on.

7) They Feature High Quality Animation

Not every animated video needs to feature 3D rendering and expensive animation software…but having really impressive visuals definitely helps! There’s nothing wrong with using simple animation techniques if they’ll yield great results. A high quality production value is especially important when you want something that stands out from the crowd of forgettable online marketing campaigns.

8) They Make It Personal

If you really want to stand out, focus on telling a personal story about your business or product. Highlight unique qualities that nobody could possibly copy. This is the best way to make sure that you’re leaving customers with something they won’t forget anytime soon!

9) They Inspire Creativity

The very best animated videos (and advertisements in general) inspire viewers and customers to want to put their own spin on things – to re-create them, reuse them and even combine them with other well-known ideas. Try asking people what they think about your idea before launching it – this can help you stay ahead of any controversies…or prevent further ones from developing later down the line.

10) They Aren’t Overly-Promotional

When you are able to tell a great story, it’s harder for the viewer to hear your “salesy” voice over. Making sure that your product or company is just one part of a meaningful narrative definitely helps! If you really need to promote yourself, try using subtlety and subtext rather than direct explanation. It will be much more effective!


In conclusion, animation is powerful for marketing because it can make your message more memorable and personal. It also has the potential to inspire creativity in viewers by giving them a chance to re-create or combine their favorite scenes with other ideas. The best animated videos are those that don’t feel overly promotional but rather focus on telling a great story that features high quality animations and fulfills an essential need of its audience. If you’re looking for someone who’s capable of creating amazing 3D graphics as well as simple style ones, contact us today! Our team knows how to create stunning visuals without breaking your budget. We have experience working with all sorts of companies from start-ups to established corporations so we know what works – let us help you tell your unique story with powerful animations!

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