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Spa bonus: funds exhausted, but there is still the possibility to use them

by Alex Musk
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Those who have not been able to book their treatment at a facility or spa because they did not arrive in time to request the spa bonus, will probably be able to recover. You just need to be patient and wait for the advanced or unused sums to become available on the site.

The spa bonus last November 9th was a start with a bang, with the platform of Invitalia, the National Agency for Business Development, on tilt at the opening of bookings.

To be exact, the funds allocated for the spa bonus, over 50 million euros, were “burned” in just over 4 hours, due to the number of questions received by those who wanted to take advantage of the 100 discount. % and up to the sum of 200 euros on a spa or wellness treatment at an accredited facility.

According to Federterme, which represents the structures that carry out this activity, 300,000 requests would have reached the structures registered on the portal. This is why the Confindustria association immediately asked the Government for a refinancing of the bonus, because “the very strong demand for treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, and well-being – in this period also fundamental for post-Covid – demonstrates the validity of the measure adopted by Mise and the attention of Italians to health “.

The favorable opinion of politicians

The proposal to refinance the bonus meets the favor of many politicians, who are asking for a commitment to ensure greater efficiency of the booking portal so that it is not dropped again due to too many accesses.

For now, the idea of ​​following up on the facility remains only a good resolution, but for those who have not been able to book their treatment because they did not arrive on time, there is the possibility of recovering.

What to do if you have not managed to get the bonus

The validity of each voucher that entitles you to a discount on the treatment, reimbursing it up to 100%, is 60 daysIf the bonus is not used within that period, the same sum will become available again and will be made available.

Even if only one part of the sum is used, the remainder will be set aside and will be available again for users who wish to request it.

It is therefore only necessary to have patience and wait for the advanced or unused sums to become available on the site, because only then will there be the possibility of trying to grab them.

The characteristics of the bonus

We remind you that the spa bonus is nominal and can only be used by the voucher holder who requested it and made the reservation at the spa facility.

To request it, it is not necessary to present the income situation and the ISEE is not required, but all adult citizens residing in Italy can access it, regardless of the income received.

The bonus cannot be spent if the treatment is charged to the National Health Service or other entities, while the part of the cost of the service not covered by the spa bonus may be subject to any tax deductions.

Spas and wellness treatments: loans are also convenient

For those who had stayed out of the game or would like to take a break at the spa, but also treat themselves to wellness treatment, there is the possibility of facing the shopping in relaxation with a loan. for travel and holiday loans, it is possible to consult the best loan opportunities on the market, even for small amounts, and the temptation with the upcoming Christmas is really strong.

To obtain a travel and holiday loan, as for other loans, it is necessary to demonstrate that you have a certain income and good creditworthiness.

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