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by Alex Musk

Summer is the season in which each of us begins to organize their dream holidays. But we know how often, during a trip, each of us can be the victim of unpleasant situations such as, for example, problems with the flight, loss of luggage, or the need for health care in another country.

Imaway takes care of resolving all possible unpleasant situations that may arise while traveling, so that you can enjoy your holidays in total safety and tranquility. What are you waiting for?

Imaway Single Trip Insurance

No more worries with Imaway single travel insurance designed especially for you. The Single Trip Policy has been designed to guarantee maximum safety and total protection for trips up to 100 days. By taking out this type of policy, Imaway guarantees 24-hour travel assistance and direct payment of medical expenses.

The Imaway Single Trip Insurance with deductible health isurance is, therefore, aimed at all those who want to protect their trip, in Europe or abroad, up to 100 days, taking advantage of the guarantees designed according to the chosen solution.

Imaway Easy Tires for Single Trip

The main services provided by choosing the Imaway Easy coverage level are:

  • Coverage of medical expenses while traveling up to 5,000,000 in the USA and Canada, should the insured person, as a result of illness or injury, require treatment that cannot be deferred to return.
  • Travel assistance, or the guarantee of assistance in the event that the insured person finds himself in difficulty due to fortuitous events;
  • Family assistance at home, or the guarantee of assistance in case of difficult situations caused by fortuitous events, during the journey of the insured person;
  • Assistance to the home in Italy for the entire duration of the trip of the insured person and in the event of an accident affecting the home while the insured person is traveling;

Imaway Smart Tires for Single Trip

As regards the stipulation of the Smart coverage level for Single Trip , in addition to the services offered by the Imaway Easy coverage, the additional guarantees are:

  • Assistance for the vehicle, if the vehicle is immobilized following a road accident, the Organizational Structure sends an emergency vehicle on the spot to tow the vehicle to the nearest workshop;
  • Baggage assistance, that is, Imaway reimburses the losses resulting from theft, robbery, theft, fire of the baggage, the objects worn, as well as the losses resulting from non-delivery or damage to the baggage;
  • Travel renunciation following delayed departure, if, therefore, the person decides to cancel the journey following a delay;
  • Travel accidents, including in-flight accidents;
  • Legal protection while traveling.

Imaway Top Guarantees for Single Trip

The Imaway Top Single Trip Insurance , in addition to all the services already listed, offers the following guarantees:

  • Compensation to the insured person in the event of delayed departure due to a delay of the carrier exceeding 8 hours;
  • The reimbursement of 50% of the higher cost of re-routing incurred for the purchase of new replacement tickets in the event of loss of the flight / ship, to reach the place of destination;
  • The portion of the travel cost not used in the event of a trip being interrupted;
  • The refund of the cancellation or modification penalty in the event of cancellation of the trip;
  • Reimbursement of the penalty charged by the Tour Operator in case of cancellation of the trip due to serious events in the place of destination.

Who can take out Single Trip Insurance?

Before signing any policy, it is good to make sure about the conditions to be respected. The Single Trip Policy is not valid for people over the age of 75 at the time of signing and is dedicated to people resident or domiciled in Italy, as well as to people residing abroad but temporarily domiciled in Italy.

The aforementioned services and guarantees are valid for trips made for tourism, study or business purposes, excluding any dangerous work involving manual activities or not and lasting no more than 100 days.

It is also necessary that the Single Trip Policy be stipulated for the entire duration of the trip and before departure from the place of residence in Italy.

What are the obligations of the Insured?

When you take out a policy, the insured must also comply with certain conditions. In the case of the Single Trip Policy , the insured is obliged to contact the Imaway Organizational Structure before taking any personal initiative in the event of a claim. Furthermore, it is necessary to communicate to the IMA operations center any circumstances that may aggravate the risk, as well as the subsequent stipulation of other insurance policies for the same risks.

What are the maximum guarantees?

As regards the Single Trip Policy , the ceilings for the main services are:

  • Travel medical expenses up to € 5 million;
  • Transport and medical return to Italy;
  • Early return of the insured;
  • Luggage protection up to 2,000 euros (only with Top and Smart covers);
  • Family assistance at home and assistance at home;
  • Car assistance (only with Top and Smart covers)

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